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built then burnt (hurrah! hurrah!)

Dear Brothers and sisters, dear enemies and friends
why are we all so alone here?
All we need is a little more hope, a little more joy
All we need is a little more light
A little less weight, a little more freedom

If we were an army
And if we believed that we were an army
And we believd.
But everyone was scared
Like little lost children
In grown up clothes and poses
So we ended up alone here
Floating through long wasted days
Or great tribulations
While everything felt wrong

Good words
Strong words
Words that could've moved mountains
Words that no one ever said
We were all waiting to hear those words
And no one ever said them
And the tactics never hatched
And the plans were never mapped
And we all learned not to believe

And strange lonesome monsters
Loafed through the hills
Wondering why
It was best to
Never ever
Ever ever
Ever ever
Ever ever
Ever ever
Wonder why

So tangled
Oh tangled up in bright red ribbons
Let's have a parade
It's been so long since we had a parade
So let's have a parade
Let's invite all our friends
And all our friend's friends
Let's promenade down the boulevards
With terrific pride
And light in our eyes
Twelve feet tall and staggering
Sick with joy
With the angels there
And light in our eyes

Brothers and sisters
Hope still waits in the wings
A bitter spinster
Waiting to build her glorious fires
It's because of our plans, man
Our beautiful ridiculous plans
Let's launch them like careening jetplanes
Let's crash all our planes into the river
Let's build strange and radiant machines
Because Jericho is waiting to fall

words by efrim
22.2.05 20:27


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