berlin bleibt hartthe whole world is my enemy im a walking target

i am i know

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though it´s getting warmer again, the world remains cold. fuck you! this is our prayer for cleansing we send to the sky. and it echoes back its order. with anger and war. everyone will suffer when it comes to terms. there´s no escape.
the sound of a tank is breaking the silence. we´re here to destroy your world, let it all burn to the ground. we deserve it! don´t try to stop what already has begun. it´s too late anyway. this time the decay is unstoppable. just take a fucking minute and look at the world, at your fucking unworthy life, your decadence, your glamour. it will all be past!!! i hope you all die in consequence of our failures, unforgivable arrogance. i would never kill because of hate, it´s all for the reason. where the sky marries the sea there´s order and will. a promise for the future, not your future. we´ll bury wherever we can, at sea under cold earth with kisses for the sky. we´ll hang you from the trees, burn you at the stake, spill your blood into the sky. and i can´t see the wrongs i was told. it´s what already happens. and if you can´t see it, you should better lock your doors, shut your mouths and close your eyes as long as they can. goodbye scumbacks, you´ll live in shame though you will never understand why...
25.2.10 16:38


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