berlin bleibt hartthe whole world is my enemy im a walking target

i am i know

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repeat to fuck the world

a world beneath another one inside your head. you try to float with the angels but you are damned to fall down. take a running jump out of the window to show the world your common sense of humor. it?s so similar to all they?ve seen. humor is when no one laughs. and in the end you know that you will repeat to fuck the world.
and when the rain falls on your face, and blood runs down your hand remember the words of efrim: freedom has come and gone... freedom has come and gone.
and while they smash my face against the window my head remains still and the place it was before. say what you want to say but don?t tell me here remains something beautiful. the only reason to be alone tonight is to escape the hollow looks and empty eyes. leave this world behind to become a star in my eyes. become a queen my way, become a crack princess, become a godess of insanity. i know what you want to be. what do you think god will give to us when only sin is left. i have chosen the path of pain and redemption. i will return when freedom has come and gone...
12.4.05 22:38


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